Monarch Butterfly Project

Late summer 2021: I made a first attempt to raise Monarch butterflies. I bought lantana plants to provide nectar for the butterflies and milkweed plants as food for the caterpillars. Since earlier caterpillars kept disappearing from my butterfly plants outside, I brought them to a habitat inside my screened porch to give them a better chance at survival. See what happened to 6 Monarchs in the videos here:

Biggest Frog Adventure

 A rainy week, an abandoned suburban pool, and a warm May evening set the stage for one of my most amazing experiences this season. Cope’s Gray Treefrogs called so loudly that I needed earplugs. A random Green Frog made me laugh with it’s banjo string “plunk” call. Squawky Green Treefrogs were also nearby, as well as a toad or two!  

Stick around to hear how loud they get and see the little Cope’s Gray Treefrog cameo! 

 Cope’s Gray Treefrog | Green Treefrog | Green Frog | Southern Toad

Green Treefrogs

Summer bonanza of frogs in the dark - crank up the audio and just listen.

Yellow-crowned Night-Herons

Have you ever seen a Yellow-crowned Night-Heron before? They’re pretty stunning compared to the other wading birds I’ve seen. Spotted these in Portsmouth, VA!

Field Cricket

Crank up the volume to hear this spring cricket with interstate traffic in the background.

Coyote or Fox?

Thanks to the help of Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries, I figured out the identity of this mystery… Eastern Gray Fox! Spotted at twilight in a suburban industrial park in June (perfect nightmare for my phone’s lens and image sensor).

Late Summer Nights

I love hearing all of the crickets, cicadas, katydids and other insects that are in full swing with all their little sounds in the late summer nights. All of these conversations surrounding us - different pitches, rhythms, intensity - turning the evening into something magical. 

Here’s a sample of what I’ve heard in southeastern Virginia.

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