I-64 Wildlife Corridor, Alexandra Pierschalla

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 - NEW ART supporting DarkSky International

Why Urban Nature?

As the Earth becomes more developed, with rapidly expanding megacities and the increased conversion of land to urban use, the human race faces challenges like global climate change, pollution, and loss of biodiversity. We have an opportunity and an obligation to create cities that are healthier for people, wildlife, and plants. Through art, I hope to raise awareness about ways we can experience and support the nature around us — whether it exists in our city, suburb, or small town.

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Art supporting causes

Clay Starscapes for DarkSky International

Light pollution impacts wildlife, human health, energy, heritage, and safety. But we have the technology and the knowledge to improve this issue now. DarkSky International is building a global community of advocates to spread the word with strategies, tools, and special events to protect the night sky.

Paintings & Felted Sculptures for FrogWatch USA

Although they are not always visible, frogs and toads reside in urban and suburban environments. They are vital to our ecosystem, serving as predator and prey in the food chain, while providing insect control. These small creatures are easily disregarded in our daily lives but are threatened by loss of wetlands, increasing pollutants, and the chytrid fungus which has caused population declines throughout the world. The Akron Zoo manages this amphibian conservation program.


As a lifelong environmentalist, I'm especially interested in nature in cities, biodiversity, and citizen science. My paintings, photographs, video, and sound works have been exhibited in Florida, Illinois, Michigan, and Virginia.


Master of Arts, Interdisciplinary Arts, Columbia College Chicago 

Post-Baccalaureate Certificate, Painting, The School of the Art Institute of Chicago

Bachelor of Arts, Art History, Virginia Commonwealth University

Honors & Media

Albert P. Weisman Memorial Scholarship, Columbia College Chicago 

Virginia Center for the Creative Arts Residency

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The Virginian-Pilot article by Allissa Bunner

The Virginian-Pilot article by Mary Reid Barrow

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